Why the Irish government is spending more than it’s ever spent on digital ads – The Irish Independent

An unprecedented €100 million ($132 million) in digital advertising spending in 2018 is expected to help the Irish Government achieve its ambitious digital advertising target of 100% of government spending on digital content by 2020.

The government will spend €7.6 million in 2018-19 on advertising to be distributed across the country’s digital advertising market, including €3 million in advertising to the Government’s Digital Media Strategy (DMSS), according to a Department of Communications and Media Development (DCMD) document obtained by The Irish News.

The department said that the new funding will be used to fund a “digital advertising strategy”, including the “promotion of digital content in a range of formats and platforms” in an attempt to “promote the Government to reach out to audiences in all areas of the Irish economy”.

A new DMSS digital strategy was announced in March 2018.

In its draft version, the department said it wanted to “target digital advertising across the economy”.

It said that digital advertising would be aimed at “high-impact” digital content that would help Government “reach out to and engage audiences”.

It added that the strategy would also include “ad-related digital content, such as a range advertisement placements” as well as digital advertising “targeted towards the digital advertising and advertising digital audiences” of the “Government”.

The department added that digital ads will be “targeting a range audience of audiences” with “a focus on digital advertising audiences who may not be engaged with traditional advertising”.

Digital advertising will be the “most important medium to deliver digital content”, it said.

The Department of Digital Media and Communications said that “digital ad spend” would increase “by 25% to €7 million in 2020-21”.

This will be in addition to the €9.5 million spent on advertising in 2017-18, and the €5.3 million spent in 2016-17.

The DMSS will be funded through an additional €7 billion of Government spending, including a €2.8 billion fund to fund digital advertising in the first three months of 2020-22.

The budget for digital advertising, which was approved in April 2018, was announced by then Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

The €100m figure, however, is only part of the $1.5 billion spent in advertising over the next three years.

In 2019-20, there will be an additional $10 million for advertising.

An unprecedented €100 million ($132 million) in digital advertising spending in 2018 is expected to help the Irish Government achieve…