Adidas unveils ‘digital ad strategy’ in ad blitz

It is an ambitious plan.

Its name: Digital Advertising Strategy.

But Adidas says it’s the latest in a series of digital ad strategies to push its brands to reach an audience that includes more than 10 billion people around the world.

“We are not a digital brand,” said Adidas CEO Daniela Cerniglia.

“We have a strong digital business.

But it is a digital business.”

Adidas says the strategy is to reach a new market for its brand, one that includes people who aren’t using the traditional advertising channels like television or print.

“The digital world has changed.

We are in the age of the internet,” Cerniciglia said.

“Our customers are consumers.

They need to be able to find information and use it to decide what they want to buy.”

Adidas will spend up to $20 million on digital advertising over the next three years, and it’s part of a strategy that has already helped to drive sales of $2 billion a year.

The strategy is part of Adidas’ effort to improve its business and to expand its reach.

It includes new ways to reach the more than 7.2 billion people who live in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Adidas will use an ad-driven platform to reach those consumers.

“I am not a fan of the traditional marketing methods, but this is the way we will be able more easily reach these consumers,” said Cerniaglia.

In this ad, a young girl in a sports shirt is shown in a video showing her playing with her smartphone, her hair and her Adidas shoes.

She then goes to the checkout counter to buy a new pair of Adidas shoes for $10.

Adidas has launched ads in many different areas of its business, including the Olympics, the Paralympics, and the NHL.

The ads will target those audiences.

“As the world grows bigger and the markets of the world grow bigger, so does our advertising business,” said Mark Thompson, Adidas global marketing head for digital advertising.

“And in the past, we have been able to reach consumers in more than one way.

I think it’s a really powerful thing to be a brand in the digital world and to be one that is able to offer consumers an experience that they are looking for,” he added.

It is an ambitious plan.Its name: Digital Advertising Strategy.But Adidas says it’s the latest in a series of digital ad…