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A new, ad-free, “digital ad” platform has been announced by a team of hackers who are seeking to take down ad networks and other digital publishers.

The project, codenamed ‘Asteroid Dash,’ is a new ad platform that aims to make it harder for publishers to run their digital ads.

A dash is an ad that appears on a website that is not part of the publisher’s digital offering, but instead displays in a separate tab.

A dash can be either “sponsored” or “free.”

Sponsored ads are those that are placed by publishers on top of ads that they run on other sites.

Free ads are placed directly on the publisher site.

“We want to make the experience as frictionless as possible,” the team said in a blog post announcing the platform.

“The platform will be completely ad- free.”

The team behind Asteroid Dash is based in Israel, and its mission is to fight publishers who have blocked or redirected adverts from other publishers.

It has already released a demo of the platform that can be used to help publishers find their way to the “dash.”

“We have already started testing this with publishers and we are working to improve our platform as time goes by,” the developers said.

The platform’s developers say that its main features include a “dash” tab that displays advertisements from publishers and ad networks, as well as “an ad blocker” to prevent the display of ads by ad networks.

Advertisers who want to advertise on Asteroid dash have to make their content more accessible by installing the AdBlocker extension for Firefox.

The Dash’s developers are also looking to improve ad-blocking for third-party publishers.

“Advertiser’s need to find ad space on their websites will be greatly impacted if we can introduce ad blocking for third parties,” they wrote.

“We also want to ensure that publishers have enough space to properly run their ad campaigns.”

Publishers are generally responsible for the creation of their own ads and for running them.

A publisher can then either block or redirect ads for publishers who are not part the publisher.

Publishers can block ads for any ad network they want.

The company has not released a list of publishers that have made use of Asteroid, but it has included publishers that it has paid for.

Publishers that have not yet adopted the Dash can still opt out of it, but they will not be able to redirect the ads to another publisher.

AdBlocker’s developers have also been working on a free version of the Dash.

“This ad blocker is meant to be used by any publisher that does not wish to pay for ads to be displayed in their pages,” the Dash team said.

“For publishers that do want to support Asteroid by paying for ads, the Dash is available for free.”

“Asteroids new Dash will allow publishers to have their ads show up on any ad networks without having to create a separate ad platform for each ad network,” the company wrote.

The Dash’s developer said that the company is also working on making it easier for publishers “to run their own Dash ads, with a dashboard to manage and manage Dash ads.”

“Dash ads will be displayed on any page where AsteroidDash is available,” the developer said.

A new, ad-free, “digital ad” platform has been announced by a team of hackers who are seeking to take down…