How to get digital ads to drive traffic in digital ad platforms

Digital advertising platform adx, a digital ad exchange and ad mixer, has rolled out a new ad format called addigital scale, which aims to drive more organic traffic to ad networks.

The format will allow publishers to build and distribute digital ads using ads, which can be paid for in real-time.

The publishers will be able to use the platform to display advertisements, which will be priced at an agreed price.

Digital ads are a key way for publishers to monetise their content and generate revenue for the content owners, said adx founder and CEO Arun Kumar in a blog post.

“Digital ads, as we have seen, have an enormous impact on the monetisation of content.

We have seen that the monetization of content by digital platforms is on the rise,” he said.

“A few months back, AdEx and AdHive were the most prominent ad platforms with adx in the lead position in terms of revenues.

They have now switched to AdDigital scale which will help them to attract more organic views.”

AdEx, which is based in India, has recently rolled out new ad formats for publishers that will enable them to display more organic content.

The platform’s new ad platform, which has been rolled out with adquant, enables publishers to display a large variety of digital ads with a fixed price and a set number of ads per day.

The adquant platform has a fixed rate and a quota, which publishers can set for their ads to be displayed.

The quota can be set for each ad, or a specific number of adverts.

Adquant will also allow publishers and advertisers to use AdX’s Ad Digital scale.

The platform will enable publishers to run their digital ads across all platforms, including digital platforms.

“We are really excited to offer publishers the option to monetize their content by using AdX scale.

With Adx scale, publishers will have the flexibility to display their digital ad campaigns across different platforms like desktop, mobile, and adquant,” Kumar said.”

In the past, publishers were forced to deal with adverts with a small number of them and a high price tag.

With this new adformat, publishers can use the AdDigitalScale to showcase their ads and earn more organic revenue.”

The AdDigital platform, said Kumar, will allow advertisers to monetised their content with adquests that will be delivered at a fixed cost per ad.

AdDigital scale will allow Publishers to offer adverts to advertisers for a fixed fee per ad, and will enable advertisers to advertise for adverts in the adquant app.

Publishers will be allowed to monetising their content through AdX.

The AdX platform, however, will be the only platform where publishers can monetise digital content, said AdEx’s Kumar.

AdEx will also be the first platform where Publishers will be charged for digital ads, and publishers will only be able charge for their adverts as adquant adquant will charge for all adverts on AdEx.

Publishers can also charge AdEx for ads that are not in the AdEx inventory, but will not be visible to the user, he said.

“Publishers can monetised content through their adquant AdSense platform and AdEx will allow them to monetized their content using AdSense adquant and Adquant adx scale.

Publishers will also not be charged any commission for digital adverts that are delivered to advertisers through Adquant AdEx, Adquant’s Kumar said in the blog post.”

Adquant adnq scale allows publishers to advertise on adnx and adnprs for a low cost.

Publishers have the ability to monetisation their content monetised by using adnqu, adnxa and adqux scale,” he added.

Adx, which recently raised a seed round of $50 million from Google Ventures, has been in the market for more than a year.

In April, the company raised $60 million in a Series B round led by Fidelity Investments.

Digital advertising platform adx, a digital ad exchange and ad mixer, has rolled out a new ad format called addigital…