When the NHL stars go shopping for digital ad ideas: Who are the best?

The NHL is the world’s most popular sports league and one of the world´s most valuable brands, with the league generating a whopping $10.4 billion in annual revenue.

With this vast revenue stream, the league is in a unique position to attract digital advertising from all over the world.

In order to ensure that their digital advertising campaigns are optimized for the best user experience, the NHL teams have partnered with several major advertisers.

As the league prepares to kick off its 2017-18 season, it´s also worth taking a look at how some of the biggest digital advertising deals have been made so far.

The NHL has partnered with companies including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Google, Facebook, Target and Targeting.

The NHL has been able to secure some of these deals for its digital ads due to the fact that its ad network, NHL.com, has recently been integrated into many of the major mobile devices.

These deals are also a sign of how successful the league has been in attracting digital advertising revenue from a variety of sources.

“We believe in being able to work with some of our key partners to create a unique and effective digital advertising campaign,” said Scott Darling, senior vice president of digital advertising for the NHL.

“With the growth of mobile devices and social media, we are seeing tremendous growth in ad clicks and the number of people who are engaging with NHL digital content.

We believe our partnership with these leading digital advertisers will provide the best digital advertising experience for our fans, players and players’ families, as well as our partners.”

The league has partnered up with several other companies to secure digital ad opportunities for its advertisers.

Pepsi is the biggest online ad platform for the NFL, with a total of 8.2 million ad clicks per month.

Pepsi also owns the NHL website, NHLShop.com.

The partnership also includes a digital ad network that includes a brand name partner, which helps to create and deliver a consistent look and feel across multiple digital platforms.

For example, Pepsi has teamed up with Target to create its “New Era” line of apparel and footwear for the league.

Target’s partnership also allows it to use the NFLShop.net platform for digital advertising, helping the brand to increase the number and quality of their ads.

The company also has partnered on a digital campaign that includes Pepsi’s “No. 8” product.

“This partnership has allowed us to be able to have more content in a more targeted manner,” said Ryan McLeod, director of digital marketing at Target.

“We also have a larger ad unit and the digital platform helps us build an effective, long-term digital strategy.”

The NHL also has a partnership with a number of other ad tech companies that are looking to monetize their digital ad platforms.

For example, the NFL Shop is the second largest online marketplace for sports merchandise, behind only eBay.

This partnership with Target allows the NFL to monetise its digital ad business from within the league, while also allowing them to reach a wider audience with their content.

The NFL also has partnerships with companies that provide its online services.

For instance, the team recently partnered with adtech platform KISSmetrics.com to bring its NHL team-wide ad platform to the company.

The team will also be using the KISSmobile platform to help the league achieve its goals for digital engagement.

Other digital ad companies that have partnered up for digital ads include adtech company Wunderlist, adtech brand Adpilot, ad tech provider KISS, ad marketing platform Adpulse and mobile ad agency Sling.

For more on the digital ad market in 2017, read:The NHL’s digital ad strategy is focused on increasing the number, quality and variety of its digital advertising content.

With the new digital ad platform, the hockey team is able to reach more of its fans and advertisers while also ensuring a seamless, easy-to-use experience across all platforms.

The NHL is the world’s most popular sports league and one of the world´s most valuable brands, with the league…