How digital ads were born: How digital advertising originated and why it’s still a powerful tool

This week, Recode’s Kara Swisher talks with Kara Switzer, the former head of the Digital Advertising Alliance, to learn more about how digital ads evolved from ads that came from a single source, and why they’re still important today.

In her new book, Digital Advertising: Why You Should Be a Digital Ad Pro, Switzer explains why advertisers and marketers have been using digital ads since the dawn of the internet.

Switzer was a member of the executive committee of the ad industry’s biggest lobbying group, the Digital Marketing Association (DMA), which has lobbied on behalf of advertisers and their clients since the early 1990s.

In 2014, she was named as one of the first digital ad industry executives to receive a National Advertising Medal.

Switzer says that she is the “greatest digital advertising advocate in the world.”

That means she knows how to leverage data and data analytics to help advertisers better target ads and make better business decisions.

And she says she was a part of the decision to make the DMA a lobbying organization in the first place.

Swisher says her experience with digital advertising helped her understand that the digital ad ecosystem is changing.

She talks about how the DLA’s digital ad group helped advertisers craft a digital advertising strategy that would work for them, and also helped advertisers understand the role of digital ads in their business.

In a phone interview, Swisher tells Recode about the impact of digital advertising on her own life and how it has changed her as a writer, a mom, and a writer-editor.

You have a book out called Digital Advertising, and I was curious, how did digital advertising come to be?

I think one of things I found really interesting was that when I started out in the digital advertising world, I was very young and I thought, Well, you know, maybe this is something that could be useful to people.

So I looked at it and thought, This is a very old concept.

It’s been around for a long time.

And it really is a brand new concept.

And the idea that digital advertising is the new way to reach people and sell to them is just so crazy.

And that’s what made me want to get into it.

I grew up in the Midwest, which is a really rural part of America.

My family was farmers, and we’d always talk about the farm, and my father would say, I want you to be a farmer, and you can tell people that you grew cotton and you’ve got a tractor.

He would say that in a way that was like a joke.

And I was like, Oh, no, it’s true.

And so I started going to farm schools, and then college, and finally got a job at a small advertising agency, and one of my first assignments was to write the digital ads.

My first digital ads are actually a little bit of a mystery.

It was one of those little projects that I wrote in my spare time.

I thought maybe I’d do it to get my foot in the door of a small agency, but I wasn’t sure that it would work out.

And then, one day I was sitting in my office, and the first thing that popped into my head was, I’m gonna be a writer.

And suddenly, I thought that if I could do this, then maybe other writers would want to do it, too.

So, I kind of did it.

And in that way, I think that the DDA’s digital ads started off as an experiment.

The Digital Advertising Act of 2006 required that all ad formats be available online, and that’s why digital ads became part of advertising.

That’s also why digital advertising, even now, is a big part of digital marketing.

But digital ads came from very different places than what we were accustomed to.

They were a new thing.

They weren’t a way to target people.

They didn’t have the same kind of impact that other types of advertising have.

And they were very different from the type of digital ad we use now.

They had a lot of limitations.

They came in, they were targeted by humans, they had to work with humans, and they weren’t free to work.

So digital ads weren’t always as powerful as they could be.

I think that digital ads have become so powerful because they can have a different impact than other forms of advertising, because they are so new.

You can see that on a national level, in which digital ads, as a whole, are now getting more and more of the market.

And they have the ability to have different impact.

But in a country like the United States, which has the highest rate of mobile advertising in the developed world, it can still have an impact on people’s lives.

So it’s something that is definitely a challenge for the digital space.

The digital ads that are still being used today are the same ones that were used back in the ’90

This week, Recode’s Kara Swisher talks with Kara Switzer, the former head of the Digital Advertising Alliance, to learn more…