VP to invest $5 million into digital ads business: Report

VP will invest $10 million in the digital ads industry, a spokesperson told Vice News.

The VP Digital Ad Investment team is comprised of VP Digital Marketing Manager Mike Meeks, VP Digital Strategy and Digital Content Director, Mike Rafferty, VP of Digital Ad Management, and VP of Content Acquisition and Sales, Mike Smith.

“The VP Digital ad investment team is building a strong and talented digital ad business team that will help to grow VP’s ad revenue and generate more revenue for VP’s advertisers,” Meeks said in a statement.

“With our growing digital ad operations, we’re committed to bringing our advertisers the most relevant digital ad opportunities for their businesses.

We’ll work closely with our partners to develop digital ad programs that work best for their clients and our advertisers.”

The VP team also plans to use digital ads to help advertisers create new, targeted advertising campaigns and to enhance brand experience for advertisers.

“We’re excited about this opportunity and the opportunities ahead for our advertisers and brands, and we’re thrilled to be able to join the VP Digital team,” Smith said in the statement.

The digital advertising industry is one of the fastest growing digital advertising businesses in the U.S. The sector is worth more than $50 billion, according to eMarketer.

In 2015, adtech firms generated more than 50 percent of ad revenue, according To The News.

VP will invest $10 million in the digital ads industry, a spokesperson told Vice News.The VP Digital Ad Investment team…