When a digitised ad company gets its own city, it’s a new trend

Digital advertising has been around for decades but now cities are starting to adopt it as a new way of generating revenue and driving growth in digital.

Now, with digitisation, a digital advertising company is getting its own digital city.

ABC News has the story of two Australian digital ad truck companies, DigitalAds and DigitalCity.

The company, DigitalCity, has been running its own advertising agency since its inception in 2012 and it is now building a digital city in Adelaide.

The digital city was built using the new technology, known as 3D printing.

ABC Digital’s head of digital, John Horsley, says digital advertising is a technology where cities and governments can have their own digital communities.

John Hoursley: The digital economy is a new technology and a new frontier and digital cities is one of the big new areas that we’re building in Australia.

It is a very exciting time.

We’re looking at creating our own digital cities that have their unique features and that are very much built on top of the technology that is already here and we’re hoping that it will have an impact on the way we interact with our communities.

Digital ad company digital city digital city, digital ad city digital cities digital city DigitalCity is building a city in downtown Adelaide John Horsleys head of innovation, John Holman, said the digital city would be an innovative new way to get around cities.

He said there are many advantages to being able to build and operate a city.

John Holmans head of technology, John Hemmings, said DigitalCity was using 3D printers and other 3D-based technologies to print its own printed posters.

DigitalCity, the digital advertising firm based in Adelaide, has partnered with digital ad company, the advertising agency DigitalCity to create a digital urban village.

Digital City has teamed up with the digital ad agency Digital City to create its own new digital city based in the CBD.

This is digital advertising in the 21st century.

It’s not just a digital space.

Digital City is not just an advertising agency that sells ads.

This is digital media and it’s really something that we need to think about very seriously and look at very carefully.

John HemmINGS, digital advertising agency digital cityDigital City is using 3d printing technology to print posters.

DigitalCity says it is not only a digital media company that sells advertising.

It is also a global digital media platform that provides digital advertising solutions and services to businesses around the world.

I think it’s important that we have these kinds of partnerships to start to realise how digital is going to be really a dominant way of doing business and how much we can really leverage the power of the internet in the future.

The digital advertising firms in Adelaide and across Australia have been using the technology to create their own cities in recent years.

In Adelaide, they have built their own local community called the Digital City and it will soon be a new neighbourhood in the city.

In Melbourne, the Adelaide Digital City was founded in 2018.

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Digital advertising has been around for decades but now cities are starting to adopt it as a new way of…