Amazon Adds Digital Ads for Amazon Bookstore

The Amazon Kindle Store is getting a bit of a boost in its digital ads.

Amazon is adding digital resources to the site’s main site, adding the ability to buy digital content.

This could be a boon for the company as it tries to expand its digital presence, and help it compete with Apple and Google for digital downloads.

The Amazon Bookstores have always been a place for Amazon to sell books and related products.

Now Amazon is giving its e-book readers the same access as its own products, giving them more than just the option to buy Kindle books.

This is a huge step forward for Amazon.

The company has been in a constant battle with Apple to keep up with the growth of its Kindle devices.

Apple has been aggressively selling devices that offer the same kind of features as Apple’s own hardware, such as the iPhone and iPad.

Amazon’s strategy is to give customers a choice between a more expensive product and an inexpensive device, with both companies competing for the same consumers.

The Kindle Store now has more than 1 million items, and many of them are priced at $0.99 or less.

The new digital resources add another level of quality to the store.

Amazon has already added support for Google’s Android platform, but the addition of a Kindle content library is another step in that direction.

It’s not clear whether Amazon will make the new resources available for the Kindle Store’s Kindle Owners Program.

In addition to the new digital offerings, Amazon is also adding the possibility to buy Amazon products in the Kindle Appstore.

The Appstore is a popular way to buy books, as the Appstore has more items than any other app store in the world.

But Amazon is not just about books anymore.

The appstore also offers apps that can stream movies, games, and other products directly to Kindle owners, a feature that makes it a popular choice for Amazon Kindle users.

Amazon will also be selling more Kindle-branded hardware, like the Kindle Fire tablets and the Kindle TV.

The Amazon Kindle Store is getting a bit of a boost in its digital ads.Amazon is adding digital resources to…