Australia’s first virtual ad company opens in Sydney

Digital storm has been around since 2007 and has been used in the advertising space since 2010.

The ad agency in question is Axient Digital, which has already been in operation in Australia for several years.

The company’s ad tech director has said Axient will be the first to offer virtual advertising in Australia.

Axient has been working with the ABC to launch the company in Sydney.

“We are proud to be opening our first virtual advertising facility in Sydney in partnership with Axient,” said Digital Storm managing director, Nick Cadell.

“This will enable us to better understand the ad industry in Australia, to better manage the advertising landscape, and to bring the expertise and skills we’ve acquired to our customers.”

Virtual advertising is the next big thing in online advertising and we are thrilled to be able to take advantage of the technology and skills of Axient.

“The digital storm ad space is a significant and growing market in Australia and we will be bringing Axient’s technology and expertise to help us better understand this growing market.”

Mr Cadel said Axiant’s ad technology will be used to deliver advertising that is more relevant to the online audience.

He said the ad tech company will provide digital ad technology and marketing and analytics to Axient for free.

The Axient ad tech firm is the first company to launch in Sydney and it is set to be one of the first Australian-owned businesses to offer digital advertising.

Axiant was established by former Axient clients Digital Storm and ad technology firm Optimum Digital.

Axion was acquired by digital ad agency Bixby in September 2018.

The two companies previously worked together on a number of projects including the AdSense platform and the Optimum digital ad platform.

Axiom has been the first ad tech agency to launch a digital ad business in Australia with the Axiom platform, which was launched in October 2018.

Digital Storm has been a key player in the Australian advertising space, and has a large presence in New South Wales.

The advertising agency has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Axity and Axiom will both be located in the CBD.

Digital storm’s director of digital advertising and social media, Dan O’Leary, said the Axion and Axion digital ad platforms will be able offer the most relevant and relevant ads to their clients.

“They will be capable of delivering ads to clients across the digital landscape, not just online,” Mr O’Lara said.

“So we’re very excited about what Axion has been able to offer our clients, and what Axiom is able to provide to our clients.”

Mr Ollarsad said the launch of the digital ad marketplace will be a great example of digital storm working to help the industry grow.

“Digital storm is a very good company and I know that the industry is very keen to see it succeed and thrive,” he said.

Digital storms founder and chief executive, Daniel Ollard, said he was confident that digital storm’s platform would be able fulfil the needs of its clients.

Mr Ollyard said the two agencies have been working together for a number years and the team has developed a very strong understanding of digital ad tech.

“I think Axiom’s team will be fantastic at what they’re doing, and we’re excited to be partners with Axiom,” he added.

Mr Cadesll said the company would be looking to expand its digital storm service to other parts of Australia.

“It’s very important to us that we are successful in the digital space,” he told

“There are so many other companies who are able to do this type of work.

I’m looking forward to working with Axion to be the leader in this area.”

Digital Storm was established in November 2016 by former clients Axion, Digital Storm, Optimum and Optimum.

Digital storm has been around since 2007 and has been used in the advertising space since 2010.The ad agency in…