CNN: ‘Avalient’ digital ad with ‘axient’ is a fake

CNN’s digital ad team has found a fake ad that says “Avaliant” in Spanish. 

The ad, called “Vista” in Google Ads, was originally created by the ad agency CAA.

The ad has since been pulled from Google Ads and has been replaced with a brand new one that has been made by Digital Media Agency of London.

The fake ad appears to show a picture of an employee wearing a “vista” hat and has the tagline “Vistas in London” and a description of an “employee”.

“A new ad created with Digital Media agency, Avant, that was pulled from YouTube last week is a very new ad that is a new one and it’s not avalient,” a spokesperson for Digital Media said in a statement.

“The new ad is a real brand that was created specifically for this campaign, and has not been pulled.”

A spokesperson for Google told CNN it has been working to remove all of the fake ads from Google AdWords, but had been unable to do so due to an issue with the Google search results.

Google has since removed the fake ad.

The spokesperson said Google had contacted Google for further clarification and that it would “continue to work with our partners to get this corrected”.

“The fact that we have removed this ad is due to a technical issue with Google’s search results,” the spokesperson said.

Google said it has a policy of removing ads that violate its terms of service, which includes not promoting ads that are false or misleading.

The brand new ad has the same logo as the original.

However, the logo on the new ad looks different.

“This new ad does not represent the brand or the company,” a Google spokesperson told CNN.

“We have taken this very seriously and will remove any ads that have violated our terms of use and will investigate any complaints.”

CNN’s digital ad team has found a fake ad that says “Avaliant” in Spanish. The ad, called “Vista” in Google Ads,…