How to add an ad to your blog

The next step is to create a custom Google Ads product that will add an advert to your Blog.

It will also allow you to link to your ad with the keywords you have specified in your ad copy.

In this post we’ll show you how to create your first AdWords ad product.

To start, head to the Google AdWords homepage and click on AdWords and Adwords Custom Product.

Once the Custom Product has opened, click on the Adwords button to open the AdWords Custom Product page.

To open the Custom Products section, click the “Custom Product” link.

At the top of the Custom products page, you’ll see the following options: Add a Product to your Website.

Click Add a product to your website.

In the following drop-down list, click Add Product.

This will open a page where you can choose a custom ad type from the available ad types available.

In my example I selected “Product Ads”.

Select the type of product that you would like to add your advert to and click Next.

On the Custom product page, select the desired ad type and click Apply.

You’ll now be presented with a page similar to this one: Now that you have selected a custom product type, you will now be asked to select the description of your advert.

To do this, click Apply and you’ll be taken to a page with an additional page for you to fill in.

You will need to enter the following details: Brand Name: Brand name of your brand, eg “Adidas” or “Adora”.

Adwords Domain: The domain name of the website where you want your ad to appear.

In mine case it was

Your Adwords Email Address: The email address that you want to send your ad.

Your Email Subscription: The number of emails you want the advert to send to.

You can enter any of these as well.

In our example, I chose the number of messages.

On this page, click Save.

Now that your product is set up, you can click Add Advert.

This time, you need to specify the name of each ad type that you wish to add to your Adwords product.

In ours case we wanted to add 3 ads: “Product”, “Product Advertising” and “Product Video Ads”.

The product ad type will be “Product Adwords Advertising”.

The ad type “Product” is used in Google Adwords to specify a brand.

This ad type has no relevance for us, but it can be useful for other brands.

In order to add a new product type to your custom ad product, click Next to create the new product.

This page will show you the following: Name of the product type you want added: “Adwords Adwords Product” Brand name: The name of a brand you want a product ad to show up for.

The brand name is usually displayed on the product description.

Click Apply.

Your custom product is now ready to add the ad.

To add the advert, click Create Advert and click the “+” icon next to the ad type you selected.

The ad will appear on your page.

Click the Advert Button and it will open up a new ad type.

If everything is OK, you should see an AdWords product ad for your product ad, and the Adword ad page will open.

You may need to click on your AdWords landing page to see the ad added to your page, and then click the Ad Ads Button.

Now your ad is ready to appear on a website.

For more information on Google AdSense, see AdSense Basics.

The next step is to create a custom Google Ads product that will add an advert to your Blog.It will…