Penton Digital ads, digital frames, ad dimensions for the 2015/16 season

Penton, the global ad agency, has launched an interactive digital advertising platform for fans of rugby league, which can be used to create personalized ads for any match.

The new interactive campaign will be launched on Penton’s online store on Tuesday, with a total of 1,000,000 ad frames available for fans to create custom content and personalised adverts.

The platform will also allow fans to see their favourite players, players’ families and club sponsors featured in the ad frames, and to create their own unique adverts from the player’s Instagram account.

The ad format is based on Ponsonby’s digital ad dimensions developed in partnership with ESPN and is a new way for fans and advertisers to interact directly with their favourite NRL players.

In addition to Ponsonbys digital ad format, the platform will allow fans and brands to create content that will appear in Ponson by default in the following platforms:The ad content will also be available for the following social media platforms:Ponsonby also plans to expand the ad format by adding new ad dimensions that are only available to Penton digital advertisers.

For example, Ponson will now only offer the ad dimensions in the Ponson-specific format for the next three games, and only for Ponson and its two sister clubs.

There will also also be additional ad sizes available to existing Ponson digital advertisers in the form of video ad sizes and a number of smaller size ad sizes that will only be available to new advertisers.

“We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Ponson through a number a of years, and this will be a huge step forward for our digital advertising team,” said Ben Salford, Head of Digital at Ponson.

“There’s a lot of exciting opportunities for our brands, with new ad formats and a growing number of ad dimensions to choose from.”

Ponson by the NumbersPonson has already established a strong relationship with the NRL, as the company has provided ad services for NRL games at Allianz Stadium, and at the Wollongong Titans’ stadium, Penrith.

“Ponson’s digital ads have been used by some of the NRL’s most popular players including Wayne Bennett, Nathan Cleary, Mitchell Pearce and Adam Reynolds,” said Chris Taylor, Chief Content Officer, Poneron Digital.

“This new digital ad platform is another way for us to connect with fans and brand partners on a new platform.”

Penton is one of Australia’s largest digital advertising agencies, having established its presence in the sports industry through its digital marketing and advertising services.

“The new Ponson Digital ad format will be another step in our continuing evolution as an agency of record, offering advertisers an enhanced reach and a more effective way of connecting with our audience,” said Adam Fennell, Penton managing director.

“With our current digital ad channels, we have the potential to offer a great amount of content to our customers and advertisers in a much more streamlined and easy-to-use format.”

It is very exciting to see that we can now use the platform to showcase our players and brands on an even wider scale.

“For more information on Ponerons ad formats, visit the Ponerones website here:Ponerones digital ad formatsPonson By The NumbersPonson digital ad platformsPonson digital ad metricsPonson Digital Ad DimsPonson ad dimensionsPonson-exclusive video ad sizePonson exclusive video ad formatPonson Exclusive Video Ad SizesPonson Free Video Ad DividersPonson Super Free Video DividerPonson Premium Free Video SizesThe ad frames are created from the latest technology and can be created in any number of formats, from traditional ad dimensions (embedded on the player page) to custom ad frames.

The player’s personalised content and adverts will be shown in a number from 5 to 100,000 on the video ad dimensions.

The video ad formats are limited to the following dimensions:Ponus Exclusive Video AdsPonson Video Ad DimensionsPonson Ultimate Free Video Ads Ponson Premium Video Ads

Penton, the global ad agency, has launched an interactive digital advertising platform for fans of rugby league, which can be…