Why is this ‘digital billboard’ in the middle of New York?

The ads for the ad-supported digital billboard in New York are digital billboards.

Digital billboards are digital ads that are placed on billboards and posted to Facebook and Google.

They have a number of advantages over traditional billboards.

They don’t require a physical billboard, so they are less expensive and require less maintenance.

And they can be viewed at any time.

This digital billboard has a new look, and is being posted online.

The New York City Department of Transportation announced the billboards on its website this week, with an ad on the left side showing the billboard on a street near the Brooklyn Bridge and the billboard above it.

The billboard on the right side shows the billboard at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the one above it at Pier 54.

They are both from a new ad campaign by digital billboard company Adwerx Digital that has received approval from the New York State Department of Transport. 

The billboards were created by the firm AdwerX Digital and paid for by the New Yorker Digital Media Agency.

The company told Recode that it has been in the advertising business since 2010, when it created ads for brands including Nike, Target, and Starbucks.

The ads are still in their final stages of planning. 

A spokesperson for the department of transportation said that AdwerxtDigital had applied for and received approval to place the digital billboards in New Yorker. 

AdwerxDigital’s CEO, Ben Cramer, said in a statement that the new digital billboards would help New Yorkers “live more connected, better, and more comfortable.”

“We’re excited to launch this innovative ad campaign with the City of New Yorker and welcome the support of New Yorkers to enjoy our billboards on the streets of New YORK City,” he said. 

New Yorkers can view the billboards at www.newyork.gov/adwerxesdigital and at www,www.navyyard.nyc.gov.

The ads for the ad-supported digital billboard in New York are digital billboards.Digital billboards are digital ads that are placed…