When digital ads get you, how does that work?

In Canada, the Conservatives’ digital advertising strategy has been one of the most divisive pieces of the party’s digital strategy.

While digital ads have been touted as an important way to reach voters, they have also been criticized for creating a false sense of urgency.

It’s become an issue for the Conservatives, who say they’re using their advertising money wisely.

And while digital ads are not the only thing that’s been criticized in the digital ad debate, it’s one of those pieces that has been central to the debate.

The Conservatives have been criticized as spending too much on digital advertising because of the political implications of ads.

“The Conservative Party of Canada has an extensive digital advertising program, and there are numerous times where we have raised questions about the level of digital advertising that we have on the campaign trail,” said Michael Chong, chief digital officer for the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party is spending $1.5 million on digital ads on the election campaign alone.

According to the Conservatives and their campaign, digital advertising has been critical in keeping people informed, engaging voters and keeping them up to date on the latest political news.

However, digital ads can be problematic in terms of political accountability.

“It’s been argued that digital advertising is often used to get voters to click on an ad rather than to read an ad,” said Chong.

“There is an argument that the fact that you’re spending time on an internet ad doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve read it and done a lot of work.”

Critics say the Conservative government has taken the same approach to digital advertising as other political parties.

“We’ve seen the Conservative party of Canada spend a lot more money than any other party in this country,” said Liberal MP Bob Rae.

Rae is the only one of his party’s MPs to have said that digital ads should not be used as a tool to get political candidates to do the right thing.

“In the past, when we used digital, we used it to make sure we had the right message, and we used that to make people aware of the issues we’re talking about and what we were proposing,” Rae said.

“Now, it doesn’t seem like we’ve done that.”

But critics say digital ads in this campaign have not been a panacea.

“Digital is just one part of the overall strategy of the Conservative Government,” said Rae.

“I think we’ve seen a lot to be concerned about with digital advertising, but I think the Conservatives have done a very good job of using digital in a way that I think is effective.”

The Conservatives are spending $500,000 on digital ad buys on election day.

In an effort to help keep people informed on the party and its policies, the party has made sure that all digital ads it posts are clearly labeled as partisan.

“For example, the Conservative campaign, when it’s done in conjunction with the party, it says ‘Liberal ads,’ ‘Liberal, Conservative ads’ and so forth,” said Jason Kenney, director of digital for the party.

“What that does is it makes it so that you know what’s happening behind the scenes.”

The Conservative campaign has also been using digital ads to communicate to voters what’s coming out of the Liberals’ office.

“When you see a tweet on Twitter that’s from the Liberal Party of Ottawa, the Liberals are tweeting from their office in Ottawa, you’re going to know that’s what they’re doing,” said Kenney.

“And if you look at the tweet from the NDP, it reads ‘We have a Liberal leader in Ottawa and we are going to have a national conversation about our policies and our priorities.'”

The Conservatives and the Liberals have also used digital ads during the leadership race to get people to know each other.

Conservative leader Rona Ambrose said digital ads could help the party reach voters in the best way possible.

“As you look across the party as a whole, we’re not looking to get every single person who’s a Conservative or a Liberal or a Green voter to do what we’re doing on election night,” said Ambrose.

“But what we are doing is doing a better job than anyone else in the world of getting people to hear the issues, and that’s the real value of digital.

And that’s why we’re using digital to get our message across.”

Conservative campaign officials say they believe that digital can be effective, but the Conservatives are also using digital ad spending as a way to engage voters.

“If you think about it from the perspective of a campaign, it really does get at the heart of how people vote and how they want to be engaged with their government,” said Doug Leduc, a digital ad manager for the Liberal campaign.

“So what you want to do is really get at their minds and their concerns and their anxieties about what’s going to happen with the economy, and how do we get the economy moving in a direction that’s going in the right direction?” However

In Canada, the Conservatives’ digital advertising strategy has been one of the most divisive pieces of the party’s digital strategy.While…